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How do you get a great caramelized crust on an Easter ham?

Happy Easter. Traditional Easter meal is Spiral Ham. How do you get a great caramelized crust and slice it properly for friends and family? Remove ham from packaging, place flat side down on a foil lined roasting pan. A majority of the time the ham will come with a sugar /spice packet that has a clove / brown sugar mixture. When applied to the outside of the ham and cooked, it will give a great caramelized crust. For added flavor, add orange juice or pineapple juice instead of water. All spiral hams come with spiral slice to the bone around so no need to worry about thickness. This comes done for you! You do have to worry about the slicing to the bone. With ham facing you, find natural muscle line, with knife cut until bone is reached, cut away to outside. Next cut the remaining meat in half to the bone and bring knife around the bone and remove meat.Chef_John1

Spiral Ham – Yields 8 portions

Spiral Hams should be cooked on foil lined roasting pan meat facing down. Add 1 …

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What is a unique brunch idea for Spring?


Spring brunches wouldn’t be complete without fresh melons. Here are some easy tips on how to make melon cutting easy and safe. First find the right melon – Choose one that has fresh aroma at that is heavy for its size and when slapped gives a hollow thump. Avoid melons that have bruises and flat sides. Store melon in refrigerator and rinse under cold running water prior to cutting – this reduces any bacteria that may be present on the exterior surface of the melon! Cut topside and bottom side off melon and stand on one edge. Using a thin blade knife, peel toward bottom of melon. Work all the way around until peeled. Slice as desired. For Cantaloupe or Honeydew and other melons where seeding is necessary, slice melon end to end through middle. Using large spoon, slide spoon ½ way toward center, turn and repeat. Seeds will fall right out. For fruit tray slice vertically approx. ½ inch with blade of knife, cut off pointed edges and pick up with knife.

Chilled …

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