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Culture notes: High Museum to present sound installation; Drouet named 2014-15 Emerging Artist Award winner

High Museum to present choral music installation
The High Museum of Art has announced that it will present an installation by sound artist Janet Cardiff, “The Forty Part Motet,” starting this fall.

From the Museum of Modern Art’s collection, the installation reworks a 1556 choral piece for 40 voices, featuring 59 singers performing Thomas Tallis’ “Spem in Alium Nunquam Habui.”

The voices were recorded separately but are played in unison through 40 loudspeakers on tripods. As visitors move among the speakers, they hear distinct voices and also varied harmonies.

“The Forty Part Motet” will run Oct. 11 through Jan. 18, 2015, concurrent with the previously announced exhibit “‘Make a Joyful Noise: Renaissance Art and Music at Florence Cathedral.” HOWARD POUSNER

Drouet named 2014-15 Emerging Artist Award winner
Amandine Drouet has been named the Forward Arts Foundation’s Emerging Artist Award winner for 2014-15.

Drouet receives a $10,000 grant and will be featured in a Swan Coach House Gallery exhibit opening April 2015.

The Atlanta artist works with found objects, fiber and other materials to create sculpture, installations and works in other media.

“Carl Jung once said that the idea of a second birth is found at all times and in all places,” she said in her artist statement. “This sentiment inspires my work, inspires my interest in the juxtaposition of diverse elements; particularly the tension between beauty and decay, death and life and rebirth.”

Emerging Artist Award finalists are Jessica Caldas, Chris Chambers, Henry Detweiler and Chantelle Rytter. The four each will receive $2000 and will have a piece accompanying Drouet’s exhibition.

Meanwhile, 2013-14 winner Morgan Alexander opens a show at the Buckhead gallery on April 17.


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