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Nine artist projects receive nearly $10,000 in Idea Capital grants

By Howard Pousner /

The grassroots Atlanta independent arts funding group Idea Capital announced Monday that it is awarding nearly $10,000 in grants for nine diverse projects by metro artists.

Idea Capital considered 106 entries in selecting the nine artists and collaborative teams who will receive grants from $500 to $1,500. The funds for this seventh year of grants were contributed by individuals — arts supporters and artists themselves.

The group’s stated mission is to encourage”innovative, risk-taking works unlikely to be funded by more traditional revenue streams.”

For some projects, the award will serve as seed money that will allow the creative endeavor to begin; for others, the funding will help complete projects already far in the pipeline.

Funded projects that Atlantans can look forward to in the coming year:

  • Jonathan Bouknight: Will create a videotaped dance performance, “Two-Headed Nightingales,” focused on conjoined-twin performers Millie and Christine McKoy.
  • DJ Lynnee Denise: Will shine attention on the influence of female house music DJs and producers through a “Diaspora Nights” event.
  • Hester L. Furey and Michael Rovinsky: Writer Furey and artist Rovinsky will create a graphic novel, “Love and Revolution,” based on the radical early 20th-century Greenwich Village magazine The Masses.
  • Juel D. Lane: The choreographer will debut a dance film inspired by Ernie Barnes’ painting “The Maestro,” accompanied by music from Atlanta singer Maiesha McQueen.
  • T. Lang: The choreographer will create “Post Up,” a meditation on love and loss using sensors and software to add a technological dimension to dance.
  • Stephanie Pharr, Onur Topal-Sumer and Martha Whittington: The Atlanta artists will honor 20th-century feminist artist Judy Chicago, using her work as a jumping off point to consider the role of women in the 21st century. Their collaborative work, “hymHouse” will unfold over one month inside an Underground Atlanta storefront.
  • Matthew Terrell: Will create a book combining photography and prose that describes the artistic and political influence of drag queens on gay life in Atlanta.
  • Milford Thomas: The filmmaker will create a multimedia performance about Natchez, Miss., writer Octavia Dockery, who continued to create in the 1930s despite personal obstacles.
  • Benjamin Wills: Will collaborate with federal prisoners who will create 500 paper airplanes — metaphors for personal expression and momentary escape — to be displayed in an Atlanta art venue.

More on the recipients:

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