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No deal between ASO and its musicians but talks continue

By Howard Pousner

The sometimes-noisy negotiations for a new Atlanta Symphony Orchestra collective bargaining agreement that began in March will continue even past the deadline for a new contract that passed quietly at midnight Saturday.

The ASO posted the following announcement on its Web site today:

“While the current contract between the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Federation of Musicians expired on August 25, 2012, both parties are continuing to work towards a solution. Negotiations are ongoing.

“We have some serious budget issues to address but we are all striving for the same thing — a thriving music community.”

Here’s is a link to our story detailing the issues beteen the ASO administration and its 93 musicians that appeared in Saturday’s AJC:

Check later today for an update.

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markie mark

August 26th, 2012
3:05 pm

When this stupid organization, which is in dire financial need, discards that ludicrous policy of denying high school/college singing groups that are not diverse enough, then my wife and I will attend concerts again. Until then, I wont spend a dime on ASO or anything that ASO presents in the way of other entertainment. Obviously, their directors will not allow groups that are too “caucasian”. They appear to have no issue with groups that are overwhelmingly African American.

When this policy is reversed, and they invite groups based solely on ability with no consideration towards race whatsoever, then they may find that people will offer more financial assistance.


August 26th, 2012
3:18 pm

This society is going down the toliet!! This is the third AJC blog I’ve read today where some yahoo is mentioning race. I mean come on really?? This is a article about a collective bargaining agreement. I guess ignorance and intolerance goes beyond the sports and news sections.


August 26th, 2012
5:02 pm

WOW… I’m not sure when recognizing intolerance became ignorant, however the crux of the ASO’s biscuit is $$$ and their lack of it. The simple facts about performance diversity requirements are the ASO’s issue at a time when I’m sure they already have revenue issues. STUPID ASO!!!


August 26th, 2012
8:34 pm

Wow is right! Everything in this hick town is about race. You don’t think the failure to pass T-SPLOST wasn’t about suburban whites keeping urban blacks out of their neighborhoods? Can you spell Tea Party? Let me guess where this yahoo who “won’t spend a dime on the ASO” lives. Cherokee or Cobb, perhaps? The State of Georgia contributes next to NOTHING for the arts (or mass transportation), and yet urban Atlanta is the single largest economic driver in the region. An internationally recognized symphony drives huge economic value into the region, yet the same, shrill, “outside the Perimeter” voices get their say over and over about how money is allocated to Atlanta and it’s struggling arts community. It’s no wonder the “Red States of America” fail by almost every metric. Hey, Mark…stay out in the suburbs! Us “Caucasians” that pay city taxes will take care of the bill!