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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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Culture notes: Fernbank Museum to mark 20th with Kahn; dinos reinhabit puppetry center

Fernbank Museum of Natural History has announced that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary
with the exhibition “Genghis Khan,” chronicling the Mongolian conqueror’s rise to power and
assessing his enduring mark on the modern world, opening Oct. 5.

The show is billed as the largest touring collection of 13th century Mongolian artifacts ever
assembled, including some never before exhibited. The more than 200 relics will include gold
jewelry, ceramics, coins, armor, weaponry, silk robes, costumes, religious pieces, a mummy.

Khan came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of northeast Asia, and his Mongol
Empire grew to span more than 11 million square miles across Eastern Europe and Asia. The
exhibit considers Khan innovations such as the opening of trade across Asia, his encouragement
of education and meritocracy, but also the brutality of his warrior forces.

“It’s a powerful experience to step back in time, see real artifacts from hundreds of years ago,
and encounter history first-hand,” Fernbank curator and anthropologist Bobbi Hohmann said.
“Genghis Khan’s life and legacy encompass some of the world’s most important cultural history,
including his modern influences.”

“Genghis Khan” will run through Jan. 21. More details: 404-929-6300,

Dinosaurs rule at Puppetry Center
Running out of ideas of things to do with little ones as summer scorches on? The Center forPuppetry Arts offers a promising diversion with “The Dinosaur Show” by Paul Mesner Puppets of Kansas City, Mo., July 17-29.

The production brings dinos to life via hand, rod, shadow and body puppets and imparts a few
educational facts along the way. 1404 Spring St N.W., Atlanta. Tickets: 404-873-3391, HOWARD POUSNER

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