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Flux Projects announces 25 public art projects for 2010-11

Flux Projects, which presents temporary public art throughout Atlanta aimed at engaging audiences beyond the walls of traditional arts venues, today has announced a broad slate of 25 projects for the 2010-11 season. Here’s the news (in press release form) just in from Flux…

Flux Projects Announces 2010-11 Projects

Flux Projects is proud to announce its selection of projects for July 2010 through May 2011.  The first of these 25 projects will begin later this summer with new pieces introduced every month through next spring.  They include large and small-scale projections, performance, dance, music, sculpture, light and sound installations, and other forms of public interactions.  They will be found in remarkably diverse locations spanning from the clouds above the city to the restroom of your favorite bar. In between they will be seen along roadways, on sidewalks, projected against buildings, and situated in atriums, parks, and parking lots.  They will explore the diversity of public spaces within our city and engage people individually and communally.

The projects were selected based on a Call for Proposals announced February 10, with proposals due March 31, 2010. The selection committee consisted of Flux Projects’ executive director Anne Dennington, Board members Susan Bridges, Kristen Cahill, Louis Corrigan, Amy Miller, and Marcia Wood, and independent artist and curator Stuart Keeler.

A majority of the artists reside in Atlanta or have Atlanta connections, having grown up, gone to school, or spent part of their careers in the city.  They will receive commissions ranging from $26 to $14,000.  Most of the projects will take place during FLUX or have some overlap with the evening, though other projects will be presented independently.

FLUX is a one-night public art event centered this year in the Castleberry Hill arts district on Friday, October 1, from 8:00 p.m. until 2:00 a.m. It is modeled on other major public art festivals, including Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, which in its fourth year drew an audience of 1 million people, generating an estimated $18 million in economic activity for the city. The goal is to grow FLUX into a similar city-wide one-night event.

In the coming months, more information will be released on FLUX and the artists, sponsors, and details for the following projects.  Flux Projects extends a special thanks to all of those who are supporting us in our planning: Castleberry Hill Neighborhood Association, Councilman Kwanza Hall and his staff, Castleberry Point, Creative Loafing, H.J. Russell & Company, Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, Atlanta Street Food Coalition, Bill Kaelin and staff, and many others.

Artists and Projects

Summer through Winter 2010

John Morse, Roadside Haiku: A twist on guerilla marketing

Jes Schrom, Secrets, Private Conversations, and Personal Musings: Interactive installation. Strangers encounter your secrets in unexpected places

Lee Walton, Momentary Performances, Installation and performance. Actors celebrate everyday moments on a weekly basis


Tristan Al-Haddad, Cloud cutting: Inverted ground, curator Alexandra Sachs (continues through December): Clouds become canvases

Amber Boardman with flautist Jessica Peek Sherwood, VC (Visual Concert): Animated video installation and live musical performance, featuring music by Wagner and Jacob Ter Veldhuis

Ed Calhoun, Linda Calhoun, and Ralph Brancaccio, Lima Lives! (begins in September): Roving video projection celebrates a zebra born to run

Brandon Davey, Arm Wrestling Table: Performance and competition

Marisa Dipaola, The Garden of Oz: Sculptural light installation

Diane Dwyer, Can I get you anything else?: Interactive performance

Elsewhere Collaborative, The Traveling Menagerie: Parade and interactive installation

Sarah Emerson, The Moon Is Down: Window installation

J.D. McGuire, The Vibrating Pictorial Field of Vision: Video projection

Douglas Weathersby, Paint Shed (project begins in September): Installation and performance, the art of paint abatement

Osborn Brown (Brett Osborn and Michael Brown), Mike Washes the Window: Video installation

Project 7 Contemporary Dance Company, The Movement Gallery: Multisensory installation and performance incorporating dancers in a glass terranium

Micah Stansell and Whitney Stansell, Between You and Me: Five-channel video projection explores the rise of electronic communication

Stan Woodard, Fireflies: Light installation

Winter through Spring 2011

Amber Boardman and Jessica Peek Sherwood, FAV (flute and video): Live flute performances accompanied by animated video

Charlie Brower, Rise Up Atlanta: Large sculptural installation made from borrowed items

Stefani Byrd and Wes Eastin, I Go Humble…: Four-screen, interactive video installation

Robert Ladislas Derr, Chance: Atlanta:  Walk performance directed by rolls of the dice

Peter Gibson: Street paintings

Roberto Carlos Lange: Sounding Up There: Sound and sculptural installation in a hotel atrium

Caroline Lathan-Stiefel, Untitled building-sized sculptural installation

Zoetic Dance Ensemble: WET: Dance performance in a park

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