City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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New Southern photos for the High

"Enchanted Forest"

For the AJC
This weekend marks another opportunity to witness the High Museum’s extraordinary support for Southern culture with the opening of their latest “Picturing the South” photography series.
For over a decade, the High has commissioned the best photographers from around the world to provide a contemporary perspective on the South. Past participants in “Picturing the South” have included artists like Dawoud Bey who monumentalized Atlanta High School students, and Emmet Gowin, who took aerial photographs of Southern paper mills.
Next up: “Alec Soth: Black Line of Woods,” opening Saturday. Minneapolis-based Soth is best known for his monograph “Sleeping by the Mississippi”; his images taken along America’s “third coast” blended landscape and portrait photography to produce a poetic sense of the place and the people along the river.
For the High, Soth has produced twelve large images that explore the spiritual aspects of life in the rural South. Inspired by Georgia writer Flannery O’Connor, Soth spent the past year traveling through Southern backwoods to find structures and people on the outskirts of society. By showing images of treehouses, hermits, cabins, and everything else that sits on the edge of being in or out of society, Soth provides an insightful perspective on exactly what is considered part of Southern culture and the unique spirit that it encompasses.
A site covering Atlanta’s visual arts, Art Relish,, will post live updates and video interviews from the event.
Steve Aishman teaches photography at SCAD-Atlanta. Jason Parker is SCAD’s manager of social media.
“Alec Soth: Black Line of Woods.” Aug. 8-Jan.3. High Museum of Art. 404-733-5000.

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