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City & State or ZIP Tonight, this weekend, May 5th...
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The top 60 on ‘Idol’ season 10 are now in Vegas

Joe’s Place, the home for “Idol” spoilers, reports that the 325 contestants who made it to Hollywood have been pared down to 60. Yes, that’s 82 percent out of there.

Those 60 have traveled to Las Vegas to join the Cirque Du Soleil show “Love” and sing some Beatles tunes. The judges will cut 20 more and bring 40 back to Hollywood. Joe’s Place is not sure what will happen next but taping continues through Friday.

And there’s been a disqualification!

Plus, the “Idol” promos keep on comin’!

And Crystal Bowersox’s “Farmer’s Daughter” comes out tomorrow. Here she is on “The Tonight Show.” Crystal jay @ Yahoo! Video

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December 13th, 2010
4:36 pm

More Beatles songs… hey when will a contestant perform Men at Works song “Overkill”? Just askin ;)

Still waiting for January.


December 13th, 2010
5:02 pm

Vegas? What is this? America’s Got Talent??

Have a great evening, everybody. (And a good day to Sakura.)

Mercedes S.

December 13th, 2010
5:36 pm

Chrystal sounded great and look good from the guitar up. The woman needs a stylist. That outfit looked like it had been ripped from somebody’s 40-year old couch .


December 14th, 2010
7:39 am


Did somebody move me to Minnesota while I was sleeping? 14 degrees in my neck of the woods.


December 14th, 2010
8:46 am

HI y’all.

Dang, this weather is insane. I’m really hoping it isn’t too terrible Thursday. I’m scheduled to drive up to Nashville and would really, really, really hate to not be able to go.

Vegas? Beatles? Oy.


December 14th, 2010
9:05 am

Guys: Beatles music is best ever written. However, neophytes who have little regard do not do the music justice. Nothing worse than ruining these glorious songs with mediocre treatments and voices!

K&C:Crossing fingers all is well for you to drive up to N-ville for Kelly’s appearance!

Too cold to move outside. My birds, squirrels, chipmunks are desperate for food. And can’t keep the waterbowls thawed for them. I wish it’d just go up to the 40’s every day.

Rodney Ho

December 14th, 2010
9:11 am

New blog entry up about a new “Idol”-like rival coming on NBC!