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‘American Idol’ top 10 performance recap, rankings, poll

Who did you like the least? (Pick up to three)

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This isn’t a top 10 that would be known for its soul (the them for the night). Good voices, mostly so. Stage presence and heart? Not so much.

Fortunately, Lee DeWyze gave a brilliant vocal and salvaged another so-so night. He was by far the best. Biggest disappointment: Siobhan Magnus.

The bottom three? Tim Urban again, of course. He earned it with a lounge singer take on Anita Baker with all the soul of Carrot Top. Siobhan earned it, too. She has been a favorite but she was godawful. Didi Benami also will likely land there as well, though I didn’t think it was quite as bad as the judges did.

The top 10 ranking: 1. Lee 2. Andrew 3. Crystal 4. Casey 5. Michael 6. Didi 7. Tim 8. Siobhan 9. Katie 10. Aaron

I found Katie and Aaron kind of boring and lacking connection with their songs. Youth did not prevail in either case. But I suspect they’ll both be safe.

For folks looking for modernity, there wasn’t much. Only two singers picked relatively recent songs. Guest mentor Usher brought some good advice at times but wasn’t always followed. (See Aaron.)

first up: Siobhan Magnus (”Through the Fire” Chaka Khan) – She missed notes, didn’t sound like she was really in command. She then threw off a few big screams – again. Stop it!
Randy: “It was a little all over the place for me.”
Ellen: “To start off the night with you is like the dessert before the meal. But it wasn’t your best performance.”
Kara: “Your lower register wasn’t strong enough. Every artist is entitled to an off night.”
Simon: “It sounded to me as if you’d run a marathon and singing while you were running.”

Who did you like the most? (Pick up to three)

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second up: Casey James (”Hold On, I’m Coming,” Sam & Dave) – He’s still a bit lethargic on stage for my taste but for Casey, this was a relatively good performance.
Randy: “This was another hot night for you. You stayed in your element.”
Ellen: “You’re consistent. You’re always good. It felt a little generic.”
Kara: “I think you have more range in you.”
Simon: “It was strongest night so far.”

third up: Michael Lynche (”Ready For Love” India Arie) – A little on the dull side but he does get into a genuine emotional place.
Randy: “Very sensitive song. You’re in the zone.”
Ellen: “That was beautiful.”
Kara: “I never heard that song. You did an incredible job with it.”
Simon: “The first time since I’ve seen the live shows that I can take you seriously as an artist. What you demonstrated tonight between being original, having a moment and being a silly little karaoke singer. You did a terrific job. I believed that performance.”

fourth up: Didi Benami (”What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted” – Jimmy Ruffin) – I find her pronunciation of words amusing, almost lisping e.g. “bwoken.” She was messing around with the melody. I didn’t think it was that bad because it was heartfelt.
Randy: “It flatlined for me.”
Ellen: “It was dramatic. I love your voice. I thought that was way dramatic.”
Kara: “It’s over done girl. This is confusing. I don’t know who you are. I’m very puzzled.”
Simon: “It was like swimming in jelly. It was so over the top. so old fashioned, so off melody. That song is actually an incredible song and has a great climax. It just didn’t do it.”

fifth up: Tim Urban (”Sweet Love” Anita Baker) – Vocally, he was in tune. Otherwise, he seemed to be doing it in an oddly cheesy way. Vote For the Worst must be in heaven!
Randy: “It had no swag. There was no vibrato in love. Put a little grease on it. It fell flat for me.”
Ellen: “There’s a drinking game every time I call you adorable. So I’m calling you adorable… That is a tough song to sing. You were mostly in key but the way you were walking like sneaking into a bedroom. We can see you.”
Kara: “Broadway times Vegas. You took the soul out of the song.”
Simon: “Like a mouse picking a fight with an elephant. It doesn’t matter. The audience will vote for you. So you’ll be back next week. Well done.”

Sixth up: Andrew Garcia (”Forever” Chris Brown) – He’s been flatlining himself lately. But he actually gave a warm, crunchy granola take on this sturdy R&B pop song. It should save him this week. I wish he would warm up a bit on stage and really give more of himself.
Randy: “Andrew is back. I like the outfit. It’s dope you took a Chris Brown song and you turned it into your own. Your best performance for me in a long time.”
Ellen: “That was an amazing strong performance.”
Kara: “Nothing makes me happier. That was one giant leap in the right direction.”
Simon: “Miles better than what we’ve heard the last couple of weeks. The only problem I have with you as a person… you come off as very boring.”

Seventh up: Katie Stevens (”Chain of Fools” Aretha Franklin) – Textbook version of this song that any pageant singer could do. She is playing a role and it does not feel convincing at all.
Randy: One of the best vocal performances of the night. You showed you have the pipes.
Ellen: I wish the song had been a little more current.
Kara: This is one of your best vocal performances. But I agree with what she said. You have to make it young and commercial.
Simon: To compare her to Christina is crazy. It was very robotic.

Eighth up: Lee DeWyze (”Treat Her Like a Lady” Cornelius Brothers) – He’s really sounding like Dave Matthews with a smidge of Chad Kroeger. Someone also said Bruce Springsteen. He sounded better than he ever has. And he almost seems comfortable on stage. Not quite but he’s improving. And voters love that.
Randy: Best I’ve heard you in weeks. That was the bomb!
Ellen: There you go! Unbelievable performance!
Kara: You brought the song into your world. Amazing!
Simon: I’ve always believed in you. I want you to go home and watch the show back and understand this night might be the night your life changed forever.

Ninth up: Crystal Bowersox (”Midnight Train to Georgia” Gladys Knight & the Pips) – She hadn’t played piano in years and you could tell she was a bit focused on that, which might have taken away from the vocal. But I enjoyed it, especially after she left the piano and just sang. I wish she had a few more big moments at the end to really let it pop. It ended too soon.
Randy: You did that song proud. I like the way you switched it up.
Ellen: You’re always great. That was another side of you. You are in it to win it.
Kara: I’m so glad you took that risk.
Simon: Your choice of song was sensational. The vocals at time were incredible. The problem was the backing vocals made it old fashioned. You were uncomfortable with the piano and overthinking it. Do not let this process suck the identity out of you.

Pimp spot: Aaron Kelly (”Ain’t No Sunshine” Bill Withers) – He is too young for this song. He has no edge but pretends to have edge. And it doesn’t strike me as sincere or real.
Randy: It was just alright for me.
Ellen: It was a good song choice.
Kara: I liked it. I thought you could go higher.
Simon: Compared to Lee as an example, the main course, that was a little like a cupcake. I’ve heard that song so many times. It wasn’t as good as last week because you didn’t believe it as much. But you’ll be back next week.

The polling from A real split decision with Siobhan!

Crystal 75% voting for sure, 13% good, not voting; 13% wants to go home
Lee 67, 33, 0
Casey 33, 60, 7
Siobhan 24, 41,35
Andrew 17, 67, 17
Aaron 14, 43, 43
Didi 14, 29, 57
Tim 13, 13, 73
Michael 8, 77, 15
Katie 8, 62, 31

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March 30th, 2010
10:32 pm

1. Lee – hats off tonight
2. Casey
3. Didi – I enjoyed this one the most
4. Katie
5. Andrew
6. Mike
7. siobohan
8. tim
9. Aaron
10. For totally disrespecting the audience – Crystal – she knows she was fake tonight

Dick Lark

March 30th, 2010
10:34 pm

1. Crystal: in a league of her own.

2. Lee: perfect song choice. His best yet.

3. Siobhan: not her best, but come on! She was unfairly crucified by the judges. She is by far this season’s most interesting contestant.

4. Didi: gets better every week, especially in confidence. She has the most distinctive voice of them all. Unfairly criticized tonight.

5. Andrew: his first decent performance since Straight Up. That’s not saying much.

6. Casey: you should never grin while playing an electric lead guitar solo (unless you’re Eddie Van Halen). Cheeeeese-ball.

7. (tie) Katie/Andrew: B-O-R-I-N-G.

9. Mike: sooooo overrated.

10. Tim: he should go home. Seriously


March 30th, 2010
10:41 pm

I think this is the first time in a long while that I’ve seen Andrew perform something good again. Lets be honest he’s been relatively disappointing and while I’m tired of seeing him make everything acoustic like it’s his one and only stick but we can all agree that when he does it right, he does it great. He really is like Mraz in that sense, he can’t do everything but when he does what he does, we love it. Show your support for your favorite idol at, the official AI9 opinion channel on Baduku(dot)com.


March 30th, 2010
10:44 pm

Siobhan is *overall* an excellent contestant. Tonight she was pretty bad. Not as bad as Katie, but bad. Like the judges said, everyone has an off night. Tonight was hers. Didi was pretty bad.

Crystal is amazing. I want her to get on the train and come give a concert here NOW.

I liked Mike tonight for the first time. (Yeah, even his so-praised woman’s work song left me cold–he comes across to me as so cheesy). But tonight… fabulous. Lee was great. Casey was great. Katie was grate–as in grating. On my nerves. Andrew was good, though, and I didn’t despise Aaron as much as usually.

Tim… Tim, Tim, Tim. Why are you here?

A far better week than last week for most of ‘em, overall… Katie makes me shake with paroxysms of rage. I’m not even sure why, except she has this smug look. Her vocal wasn’t awful tonight (which was unusual), but… but… she’s so… anger-inducing. Please, America, vote her off. It will do my blood pressure good.


March 30th, 2010
10:55 pm

My top 10:
1) Lee – awesome tonight, and better than ever!
2) Crystal – *gasp!* was that a smile?! Equally as awesome as Lee.
3) Casey – a solidly great performer, but he won’t win unless he stops flying under the radar.
4) Mike – good…nothing more to say about him.
5) Katie – see Mike’s comments. I was confused though – weren’t they supposed to pick old songs? Why did she get ripped for picking an old song when Crystal sang “Midnight Train to GA” and everyone kissed her butt?!
6) Didi – it pains me to put her below Mike and Katie but she’s starting too sound too much like Megan, and thus like nails on a chalkboard. I thought the judges were too harsh to her this week.
7) Andrew – I’m glad your mom likes you….
8) Siobhan – the only reason you’re getting ranked above Aaron this week is because of your track record. Not good this week, and you need to try to relate to your fans. You seem a bit snobby.
9) Aaron – shaky and unsure. He needs like 2 more years of ripening before he earns my vote, but he’ll stick around till about the top 5, is my guess.
10) Tim – ugh! The Sanjaya of Season 9. Have fun on the tour because your next 10 paid gigs after that will be people’s weddings….


March 30th, 2010
11:10 pm

So im gonna start by saying that this week performances were so much better and actually harder to rank.

1. Crystal- Although her performance was a little bit fake she still made it outstanding

2.-Big Mike- Until this performance i was never a fan of his he showed me some feeling and a great performance

3.Casey James- His performance was very entertaining tonight and sounded like himself tonight

4. Andrew Garcia- I counted him out of this competition until he brought back the Andrew we all knew and loved

5. Lee Dewyze- I have never been a huge fan of Lee’s but tonight i kind of heard a nice voice and not just the growl he normally had.

6. Didi Benami- didi in my opinion is one of the most consistent performers and has great potential to win the competition even though i am ranking her six tonight she is bound to improve

7. Katie- The arrangement tonight i didnt find appealing at all but her voice was outstanding.

8. Aaron- He is really going downhill. He was not worthy of a pimp spot

9. Tim Urban- He honestly did not do too bad tonight. His performance tonight could clinch him a spot in the Top 9

10. Siobhan- One word “Awful” tired of the scream and her in general. Needs to Go home.


March 30th, 2010
11:13 pm

Allright, 1st of all you all owe me $7 for calling Crystal’s song last week. The girl is great and all, but predictable. Her performance was pretty good, but she needs to stay away from the fauceto. 8/10

Shibonbon had a rough go tonight. The judges trashed her and I assume most everyone else will too. So I’m going to say something good about her since she’s my favorite. She tried a song tonight that no one, NO ONE, else in the competition could even touch. And for that she still earns some respect from me. 6/10

Lee – was really good. First time I’ve believed in him. It reminded me of Eddie Vedder. 8/10

Tim- he got hosed by the judges and I really didn’t understand why. He did much better than they slammed him for. 7/10

Drew- I didn’t understand the love from the judges. It was ok, but still wasn’t great by any means. He went from crap to ok and the judges praised him for it. There is something wrong about that. It’s still too much like the Paula song. One trick pony. 6/10

Casey – not bad, but wipe that stupid grin off your face please. He lacks sincerity. 6/10

Mike – sorta like Crystal for me. Very good, but predictable. Nevertheless, he has the sincerity that some contestants just don’t. 8/10

Katie – sometimes her high notes just rub me wrong. She has potential, but it ain’t there yet. 6/10

Aaron- Someone should of slapped him when he said he was singing Ain’t no Sunshine. Sigh, way too put on. Way to fake. He didn’t do anything but stand out there in a hooded sweatshirt and sing. Lame, lame lame. 5/10

Didi – this was a snoozer. She is just bad. Doesn’t have it mentally or vocally. Worst of the night for me. 4/10

I think that’s everyone.

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March 30th, 2010
11:16 pm

I admit that Sioban was not as good as she has been and Crystal was off… but no chance of either of them being in the bottom (in my opinion, of course). The worst three and most likely to be in thebottom are Tim, Didi, and Aaron. Judges liked Aaron, but I don’t get it… VFTW has had Tim in the bottom for the last two weeks, so he miht get the “screw-up the vote” vote… I think Didi might be in trouble.


March 30th, 2010
11:27 pm

Oh yeh, I think Didi is going home.

With Aaron and Tim joining her in the bottom 3.


March 30th, 2010
11:43 pm

1. Lee – confidence rising; gets better every week

2. Crystal – owns whatever she sings – would buy her CD right now

3. Mike – usually tries too hard and comes off a little loungey — not tonight. great voice

4. Andrew – picked a good song for himself tonight and nailed it – but he has way too narrow a range for this competition

5. Casey – lots of charisma, great guitar; but his voice is rather weak and narrow ranged. Don’t be surprised to see him stumble as they move into other genres

6. Siobhan – certainly not her best; the screaming is getting way old

7. Aaron – talk about sucking the life out of a song; is it my imagination or is he getting worse technically?

8. Katie – how do you spell karaoke?

9. Tim – who is voting for this guy? Dead man walking.

10. Didi – The Didi supporters fascinate me. Not only is her voice weak and characterless, she can’t sing on pitch and has zero sense for phrasing. And that dress . . . ugh! Time to go honey.


March 30th, 2010
11:47 pm

Hey bebes of tommorow
Siobhan could have been bettah but she is indeed a good singer. Not bottom three at awwll.
Crystal was ovahrated. She was indeed very faake, is it not, mates?

Eddie Cook

March 31st, 2010
12:18 am

This week I did something a little different. I wrote down my grade and thoughts about a performance before hearing the judges’ remarks and did not change my grades after hearing their remarks.

That said, this is what I thought of the performances, the judges comments, and the contestants’ reactions:

1 – Casey James – “Hold On. I Comin’” – A
Great guitar work. Good smile. Bluesy voice. He looked like he was having fun. His enthusiasm was contagious.

Lee Dewyze – “Treat Her Like a Lady” – A
I thought it was a very good performance. He needs to look like he’s having a little more fun. I still think he just needs to have a little more confidence in himself.

Crystal Bowersox – “Midnight Train to Georgia” – A
I did not like her remark last week, “I have big plans for next week”, because it lacked the humility I had seen in the prior weeks. She did fine on the piano. It did seem second nature to me. After she stood up from the piano bench, I thought she missed a note. I thought she was very good again except for the one note. She did not look comfortable without her guitar, though. I totally get and agree with what Simon said. Ryan’s question to Crystal about Kara’s outfit was totally lame.

Andrew Garcia – “Forever” – A-
This was the best I have seen him. I am not a fan, but more performances like this one could make me one. Ellen made a good point about smiling. Bringing Andrew’s mother up was inappropriate. It was like they were wanting Andrew to beat out Tim. “I wouldn’t be here without her”. Duh? You think?

Tim Urban – “Sweet Love” – B+
I thought it was his best performance so far. I thought it had a Rat Pack feel to it. I got it. He has a great attitude. I liked it.

Aaron Kelly – “Ain’t No Sunshine” – B+
Great song. Good choice. Looks like a young Randy Travis. Not totally smooth. Great voice though. He didn’t knock it out of the park, but clearly one of the better performances of the night. I once again agreed with Simon. “I don’t think you believed it as much as you last week”.

Didi Benami – “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” – B
I believed it. I disagree with Kara. I thought she did a good job. I did not see the “over the top”. I thought it did “do it”.

Michael Lynch – “Ready for Love” – B-
A little boring to me. Sang it well. Not one of my favorite performances. I still feel Michael can improve on his skill at connecting with the audience. Many times I get the impression he is performing for himself, not for the audience.

Katie Stevens – “Chain of Fools” – C-
Out of tune – first line – I didn’t connect with the head movement from side to side. She’s a white girl, and she looked like she was trying to be a black girl. I saw no connection with the audience. The word “chain” was out of tune frequently. Song was too big for her. I agreed with Simon. I thought the Christina comparison was way off. I agreed with Simon about what kind of artist she would be. I do not see her as an R&B singer at all. Pop, yes. R&B, no way. I too thought she was a bit cold in the performance.

Siobhan Magnus –“Through the Fire” – D-
Easily her worst performance. I agreed with Simon wholeheartedly. I haven’t liked the screaming she has done at the end of each song for the last four weeks. She is this year’s Adam Lambert. Some people love her. Some don’t. I’m in the latter category. She just is not my cup of tea. I aslo did not like the way she talked back to Simon. When he said, “If this was the first time I heard you …”, she interrupted him and said,, “but It’s Not”. Then , when Simon said, ““I’m going to call it manslaughter”, she sarcastically said, “Thank You”.

I am not an Usher fan, but I thought he did a very good job as mentor this week.

I liked the backstage views.

Alex Trebeck

March 31st, 2010
12:44 am

Can we send about three of them home tomorrow?


March 31st, 2010
1:32 am

Thank you fast forward button. Not because it was a bad show, but because it was a good show filled with an hour of fluff. One thing we learned tonight: a great mentor can actually make a difference. I was impressed with the individualized advice Usher gave.

For my breakdown: I couldn’t take Casey because of that goofy grin. Was he singing, I don’t know because he just looked like he got a little something back stage and couldn’t wipe that smile off his face. Siobhan, the worst part was that outfit. Borrow Didi’s boots next time, she might not need them after tomorrow. Crystal, I’d love to jump on the hater bandwagon (which seems to be picking up steam) but she was incredible. Lee… well we’re starting to have a competition now.

Great night, I needed a night of solid performances, even though my favorite underperformed, at least others stepped it up.


March 31st, 2010
1:50 am

There are 3 groups right now.

Group 1: Crystal…..clearly the best in this lot, one of the best since this show began 9 years ago. Shows once again how versatile of an artist she is tonight, by coming out of her element and doing something totally different. Her vocals are simply unmatched by anyone in the competition.

Group 2: Lee, Casey, Michael, Andrew…..all are great singers. Lee is improving each week as a performer, although at times is stiff, but is vocals are superb. Casey is coming into his own. Mike is very consistent romantic balladeer, makes you feel the music. Andrew lost his way for a bit, but I think he found himself again tonight. Was one of my favorites early, and might be able to pick up steam again

Group 3: Katie, Didi, Siobhan, Tim, Aaron………I have no idea why Tim is still here but he is, and I think he will be again after tomorrow night. I predict Didi will be going home. With Sobhan, Tim, and Katie soon to follow. The one out of this group who is my wild card is Aaron.


March 31st, 2010
3:34 am

Sioban is the best – quit being haters.


March 31st, 2010
6:00 am

Usher, one of the best mentors I have seen. Too bad some of them did not listen. Sioban what happened tonight? You are still one of my favorites. Maybe you were just too nervous meeting Usher. My favortie of the night and keep playing him is Lee. He surprised me tonight. Cristal is still the one to beat. She has natural raw talent and know who she is and willing to take risks. Tim or Didi need pack their bags. I love Anita Baker and Tim just did nothing for that song. Nobody should sing Anita Baker, Chaka Khan or Whitney Houston. They will always be compared to them and they can’t be matched or changed up to sound better.

Mercedes S.

March 31st, 2010
7:00 am

Repeat from last thread, in falling order:

1. Lee – knew he had it in him. Expect him to get better every week, now that he’s “found” himself.
2.Katie – why the constant judge hate? “Old song”? Not much olde than ‘Midnight Train”, I bet. Fit her perfectly; good hair and outfit… and he girl can sing.
3. Aaron -also gets slammed for being too young. Well, “judges”, you set the rules, and you pick the kids.
4. Mike – a bit sugary, but a pleasant voice to listen to.
5. Andrew – took many weeks, bu he finally got a song he could connect with. Usher seemed to be of help too,
6. Casey – looked like he was “having fun”.
7. Siobhan – my favorite…failed. Bad song, poorly executed, horrible outfit. Hair a magpie’s nest.
8. Crystal – washed and dressed up; in heels and at the piano. Felt fake, fake, fake.
9. Tim – wouldhave been last but
10. Didi – was the worst of the lot. She wobbled and emoted the heck out of her song.


March 31st, 2010
7:09 am

for me casey has the whole package, excellent voice, can play the guitar well, has charisma & charm. i mean what more could you ask for? (biased :-D )

but well im particularly happy that most of the contestants did well today. forget siobhan never really liked her, but most of the guys in general did seem to pick up the pieces from the horror performances last time. hope they keep it up and i’ll keep watching as well!


March 31st, 2010
7:31 am


Last night was a vast improvement. Lee finally stepped up to the plate. Siobhan learned that she’s going to have to work for it. Andrew gave us a sample of why he’s in the top 10, Crystal was amazing as usual, Katie took a step up the ladder with a solid performance and Casey became a dark horse candidate. Mike bored me last night. Didi was awful, Aaron was ok and Tim made me cringe.

Nutmeg…your rage issues regarding Katie don’t seem to be shared by anyone else here. Maybe it’s just you. She’s definitely not the best and she will NOT win so relax. She actually did well last night.

grey…one bad(and not really bad, just not as good as usual) night for Siobhan and you put her in the bottom group overall. I don’t think so.

Mercedes S.

March 31st, 2010
8:20 am

Since Nicholas Sparks wrote the screenplay, you know that in “The Last Song” someone will fall in love, painfully, and someone will die, also painfully. Since it’s a Miley Curys vehicle and the girl is 17, obviously she’s the one falling in love,,, but who will die, and how? Miley’s younger brother, who’s been warned about the ocean at dad’s gorgeous beach house? Dad (Greg Kinnear), who has a mystery cough? Mom (Kelly Preston), who seems to be commuting the dangerous, long stretch New York – Tybee Island most weekends? What about the too-good-to-be true new boyfriend (Liam Hemsworth)?

These and other questions will occupy your mind as you chaperone your tweeners to “The Last Song”, an amiable, age-appropriate movie for young Miley and her fans. Savannah Beach (today’s Tybee) looks lovely, as does Wormsloe Plantation, standing in for the Rich Boy’s home.


March 31st, 2010
8:20 am

Can’t say that I’ve been as engaged in Idol this year. But I caught bits of tonight’s performances. And Lee DeWyze’s in particular. Sounds a little like Jon Bon Jovi. For me, that’s a good thing!

Mike $

March 31st, 2010
8:22 am

Well, I was actually pleasantly surprised last night. While not anything overly special, the night was also not the succession of mediocrity that last week was. Almost everyone raised their games a little bit, with three notable exceptions. I thought Usher did a really good job with his advice also, that was a pleasant surprise too.

Anyway, on to the rankings:

1. Crystal Bowersox – Midnight Train to Georgia – Crystal changed it up a little, got out of her comfort zone some, and absolutely hit this one out of the park. The girl is just a flat out excellent singer and performer. BUT, she may have some real competition now:

2. Lee Dewyze – Treat her Like a Lady – We have all been saying that Lee was right on the cusp of getting everything together, and tonight it all fell into place. Simon was dead on in his remarks – This was the night that changed Lee’s life forever. Lee has firmly stamped himself as someone who is here to win this thing, and he sent notice to MommaSox that this will not be a cakewalk to the title. By far his best performance of the season.

3. Michael Lynche – Ready For Love – Any doubts at all about Michael’s voice, pitch, range, etc were answered tonight. He absolutely slayed this gorgeous ballad. This was just a flat out beautiful velvety smooth performance. But, one small nitpik, we know Michael can sing the love songs, now it is time to change it up and go up-tempo. Is he up to the challenge.

4.Casey James – Hold on, I’m Coming – Well, if there were any doubts what a Casey James album will contain they were answered tonight. This song was dead in Casey’s wheelhouse. Strong vocals, excellent guitar work. The kid is destined to be a blues singer, end of story. But, as with Mike, Casey needs to now stretch it out a little and show us he can get out of his little box.

5. Katie Stevens – Chain of Fools – By far Katie’s best performance of the year. Loved the little head bobs and sassiness of the performance, but have to agree with the judges that it all looked a little too planned and not totally believable. Her voice however was absolutely beautiful tonight, so good job overall.

6. Andrew Garcia – Forever – Andrew’s best performance of the season, and yet I only have him sixth, that in and of itself says a lot about Andrew. He did really well on this song, and I liked it a lot, but it was not quite up to the level of the top 5.

Aaron Kelly – Ain’t No Sunshine – OK, I will actually admit it, for once I was actually digging Aaron’s voice a little. The kid did not totally annoy me or make me attempt to rip my ears off. Vocally he was probably in the top 5, but this song requires a depth and grit from the singer that Aaron just does not have. I liked it, but this was not a great song for him to attempt.

8. Siobhan Magnus – Through The Fire – My how the mighty have fallen. Siobhan slipped a little last week, and totally fell off the pedestal this week. Completely wrong song choice. All Siobhan did with this song was highlight all the worst parts of her voice, and show just what an amazing singer Chaka Kahn was. This was nasally, all over the place, and just plain bad.

9. Tim Urban – Sweet Love – Ummm yeah. This was about the biggest steaming pile of mediocrity one could imagine. It was not horrible, but it was not good. Tim is basically department store background music at this point, you don’t really notice it while it is playing, and you won’t notice it when it is gone. But, the puppy dog eyes and infectious personality may keep him around a little while because there was much much worse.

10. Didi Benami – What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted – I don’t even know where to begin with this disaster. Off key, all over the place, totally devoid of any emotion,and just plain awful. Didi is such a conundrum. One week she is captivating and the next she is horrid. How do you manage to completely suck every single ounce of emotion out of this amazing song? Just bad, really really really bad.

SHOULD GOHOME: Based on this week it is Didi by a mile, based on the complete body of work it is Tim by a mile.

WILL GO HOME: I think for the third week in a row Tim may get saved by a complete trainwreck performance. Hate to see Didi leave us, but I honestly think she is in huge trouble. I would also not be shocked to see Siobhan in the bottom 3, but I think she probably has the fan base to avoid it. If I had to bet I would say Didi, Tim, Andrew; with Didi going home.


March 31st, 2010
8:31 am

I just cannot get on the Siobhan band wagon. She annoys me, her style is so contrived with her dressing so weird to be different, she doesn’t come off as different to me, but more trying to hard to be different. The screams – ugh, just ugh!
Was anyone else feeling awkward when Ryan and Didi were holding hands last night and she said he is wanting me to say I was singing to him? I know there were rumours about them at one time. That, and her startup story was so dramatic, that her performance was twice of a let down!
Crystal and Mike were stand outs tonight. But why, why why are they all singing such old songs? Is that all that can be cleared? I mean, the theme is R&B, and that didn’t die out years ago, look at Usher!


March 31st, 2010
8:41 am

Lara, we got the whole list that was given to the contestants this time. Check out the thread where Rodney printed it. R&B Songs Idols Can Choose From.


March 31st, 2010
8:42 am

My impression of Tim Urban’s face when he’s told he’s safe: :shock:

Just watch for it. :-)

Mike $

March 31st, 2010
8:45 am

The songs they sing is a no brainer — 99.99999999999999% of today’s music is melodyless CRAP. They have to go back 20-40 years just to find anything singable.

Mike $

March 31st, 2010
8:45 am

ROFL — you nailed it Rickster, and yes I think Bobby Sherman will be safe another week.


March 31st, 2010
8:46 am

I guess we can’t impress everyone huh? Just a week or two ago, some of you guys are saying that Crystal is a one-trick pony and has no versatility. And now, she changed it up a bit musically and visually, and you call her performance fake? Give me a break. It was different than what she usually does but I would not go as far as calling it fake. If there was any performance that was fake, I would give it to Tim.


March 31st, 2010
8:53 am

Deirdre–I may be the only Katie-hatah here, but fortunately I’m not the only one at all. Just Google(TM) Pageant-Bot. ;)

I don’t get calling Crystal fake. She seems utterly genuine to me (even to the point of being off-putting sometimes–you don’t get more genuine than that!). So those who say that–what do you mean?


March 31st, 2010
8:58 am

Nutmeg…I’m just amazed by the depth of your hatred for Katie. she’s an innocuous little girl who has no chance of winning. But then, I’m feeling the same way about Tim who is, imo, far more robotic and “programmed” than Katie.

And Crystal was magnificent last night. The voice is amazing, the performance was moving and inspiring.


March 31st, 2010
9:00 am

Mike – So overated.

Siobhan – SHUT UP (I’m screaming). Her performance last night was awful.

Crystal – So overated. She soooo thinks she has it in the bag. NOT!!

Lee – Don’t love his voice, but he was awesome last night and I just noticed he is a really handsome guy and THOSE EYES.

Aaron – weak performance last night. Has a decent voice though. I bet he has a shocker performance still to come.

Tim – Can you please leave now? He’s a cut guy though.

Didi – Doesn’t have the greatest voice, BUT they judge her too harsh just to pimp Crystal. Her performances are not awful.

Andrew – had a decent performance last night, but he’s just not that good to me.

Katie – Don’t like her voice. I turn the channel everytime she sings.

Casey – His looks will keep him around. He had a decent performance last night.


March 31st, 2010
9:10 am

Last night’s show sparkled, and all the rockets went off when Lee performed. I thought everyone raised his/her game except Siobhan, but that was partly because the others did better compared to her.
This is the AI I love. Flabby diecting, yes, but that’s when I completed my NYT double crostic. Color me re-fanned.


March 31st, 2010
9:14 am

Re Crystal: She looked a little less moribund last night but still not quite all there. Mannered, effete. . . I want to love her but I don’t.


March 31st, 2010
9:15 am

OK…it’s official! WE HAVE A SEASON! Improvements were just about everywhere. Some of these kids CAN sing!


March 31st, 2010
9:21 am

Good morning all. I’ve got one bone to pick.

People keep saying look at how Crystal “took a risk” or “really stepped out of her comfort zone” and stuff like that. WRONG. She took no risk. That song isn’t out of her comfort zone. The Indigo Girls did a nice version of that song too, which is why I predicted Crystal was going to do it. The song is not risky nor difficult. She did great with it. Just don’t go saying she really went out on a limb because she didn’t.

Now let me get down off this soapbox..


March 31st, 2010
9:27 am

RxDawg,I agree with you that Crystal didn’t venture out of her comfort zone. Indeed, she assured Simon as she was leaving the stage that she would never do anything that wasn’t comfortable!


March 31st, 2010
9:37 am

Good Morning Everybody.

No quote today, but will have one tomorrow.

Missed the show last night for something more important. Yep, I do have things that are more important to me than Idol.

Hubby and I went to Villa Rica with my son to our grandson’s home to see our great granddaughter whom we haven’t seen in two years. She and her mother lives in Tampa and this is the first time that the mother has allowed her to come to visit her dad. What a wonderful time we had with her! :) She is now 2 1/2 and is adorable. She took to us like she saw us everyday and such a loving child. My grandson and his wife is taking her back to Tampa this afternoon, but he will have her again in early May. And speaking of great grands, Robert has gained up to 4.10 pounds and may get to go home this week. Robin is still struggling but has managed to gain up to 3.15, so she still has a way to go. I know that some will find this post boring and could care less, but for those of you who have been here with support will understand what I’m so excited about concerning Robert and Robin.


March 31st, 2010
9:38 am

I think the stilettos were WAY out of her comfort zone. ;-)

However, predictable as the song might have been, she gave it a poignancy I haven’t heard in it before. She didn’t sing a carbon copy of it and she enhanced it. She is way better in her niche than the other contestants are in each of their niches. That’s the difference.

I haven’t hear Mike do anything different, or Casey. They are always the same although Casey upped his game last night, imo. Lee always sings in the same style, although he, too, raised his own bar last night. So I’m really surprised by the claims that Crystal is the only one who hasn’t really changed it up. Neither have any of the others with the exception of Didi who just doesn’t seem to know where she is.


March 31st, 2010
9:38 am


My take on last night:
1. Crystal – She nailed another great performance and as Randy “Name-Dropper” Jackson said, she did Gladys proud!

2. Michael – Mike consistently gives a good performance and connects with the song AND the audience! He’ll fill the void left by Luther Vandross.

3. TIE: Casey – Casey did a great job and, as Mike S. said, this was right in his wheelhouse. He’s a blues man.
Lee: Really opened up on Treat Her Like A Lady. First time he’s seemed comfortable on stage and with his song selection. Still not the MOST comfortable or compelling on stage, but much improvement.

5. Andrew – His best effort in a while but that’s not really saying much. Only ranked here because Siobhan shot herself in the foot.

6. Siobhan – Great song choice. Just not for her. She was definitely all over the place with tiny bits of excellence. But she also definitely has trouble with her lower register and should avoid it in the future! I place her here not just because she had an off night but because a couple others (Casey. Lee) stepped it up.

7-9: Interchangeable –
Tim “What The Hell Were You Thinking” Urban – Anita Baker? Leave the destruction of female artists’ songs to Andrew!
Katie – Aretha?! Props for having the guts to try it but she has neither the grit or attitude to pull this off.
Aaron – Bet this sounded great at the family reunion where Mom and Dad pushed him out in front of the clan (after the cousins and their dueling banjos!) Can’t get anymore whitebread than Aaron on this Soul classic!

10. Did – This is unfortunate ’cause I really do like Did but she just hasn’t shown much for the past few weeks and this was the worst. No real emotion throughout the song (no matter what Ryan tried to get at). I think what we’ve seen most from Did is that she simply doesn’t have the temperament for the business. Her ‘heart-on-her-sleeve’ persona is starting to come across as a bit whiny – like she’s pleading with us to stay but offering no real reason why she should! …Other than that, she was great. :?


March 31st, 2010
9:39 am

Nana, congrats on Robert and we’ll still be lifting Robin with our prayers.


March 31st, 2010
9:40 am

Has there ever been an AI season where so many people deserved to be in the bottom three each and every week? With the exception of Lilly Scott, I don’t think there’s been a single person whose presence in the bottom three didn’t evoke an, “Okay, I can agree with that.” response.


March 31st, 2010
9:44 am

Nana, thanks for the news on the twins. Still in our prayers. Congratulations on catching up with the great-granddaughter! :D

melissa's mom

March 31st, 2010
9:44 am

Not usually a fan of Katie, but I loved the cool head bobbing (or is there another name for that?) attitude!


March 31st, 2010
9:47 am

I think the bottom 3 will probably be Didi, Tim and Andrew, with Didi going home. Of course, Aaron and Katie might split the tween vote ending up with one of them in the bottom 3.


March 31st, 2010
9:50 am

If this were “Out of your comfort zone Idol” we’d have nothing but a season full of Tim. Crystal still isn’t my favorite, but I refuse to be two-faced about all the contestants like the judges are.


March 31st, 2010
9:51 am

I can’t say for sure, but I think Kara’s head bob is the equivalent of shaking the eight ball. She bob’s her head and in a few seconds the things she’s going to say float up behind her retinas! :evil:


March 31st, 2010
9:53 am

Sorry, that was kinda mean. I actually think Kara has shown a lot of improvement this season. It’s just that when I read melissa’s mom’s comment, that was the first thing the right side of the brain threw out! :oops:


March 31st, 2010
9:54 am

The stilettos, yes. :-)


March 31st, 2010
10:02 am

Highlander…melissa’s mom was talking about Katie, not Kara.


March 31st, 2010
10:04 am

Thanks Mike $ – last week when I mention Bobby Sherman, nobody seemed to know who he was.

And Rodney, here’s a possible topic for a new thread.

ESPN is reporting the results of a survey among NHL players that ranks Carrie Underwood the “Hottest NHL Wife” – even though she’s only engaged.

Simon Says

March 31st, 2010
10:10 am

Garcia, Stevens, Urban will be bottom 3 – Stevens going home. please don’t save any of them.

Lee, Chrytal, Casey top 3, then Lynch, Siobhan should be top 5 when all said and done, how the other go and what week is the only question

Mike $

March 31st, 2010
10:14 am

OK, some people are assuming “out of thier comfort zone” apparently means the style of song they are singing. There are a lot of elements that go into a comfort zone:

since the discussion is about Crystal, here is my reasoning for saying she stepped out of her comfort zone — AND SHE DID all protestations aside.

Midnight train to Georgia – right in her wheel house, yes this was dead in her zone — BUT Crystal’s COMFORT ZONE is a t-shirt, Jeans, holding her Guitar and standing barefoot on her rug. THAT IS HER ZONE.

A sexy (yes I actually said sexy in conjunction with Crystal) tight red dress, stiletto heels, playing the piano for the first time in years….. WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY WAY OUT OF HER COMFORT ZONE!!!!

And if you don’t think putting a person in different style of clothes, different setting, different instrument, etc can throw them completely off then you do not know music. That Crystal did this and still belted that song out like a pro is a testement to her performing ability.

So while she may have picked a song she could sing forward and backward in her sleep, don’r even try to say she was not out of her comfort zone.

Now I will get off of MY soapbox.

Mike $

March 31st, 2010
10:16 am

Carrie Underwood will win the survey for the HOTTEST anything on this planet. RoWRRRRRR


March 31st, 2010
10:30 am

Really good show last night. As usual Crystal was the best. I thought Lee was second and Casey a surprising third. Michael held his own and was a solid fourth. The rest take your pick except Siobhan who was awful! She sang and acted as if she stumbled upon a stash that Paula forgot to take with her. Last = Siobhan.


March 31st, 2010
10:33 am

Amen Mike RE:10:16 post!


March 31st, 2010
10:34 am

Kate Gosselin’s reaction to her DWTS performance: :evil:



March 31st, 2010
10:35 am

Heck… Kate Gosselin’s reaction to just about ANYthing: :evil:


March 31st, 2010
10:35 am


March 31st, 2010
10:40 am

Folks, I’ve already reported the above comment. Hopefully it’ll be gone in less time than it will take the commenter to slip back into irrelevance.


March 31st, 2010
10:40 am

Congrats Nana on the progress of your great grandchildren! :-)


March 31st, 2010
10:45 am

WOW! Seems someone got their wheaties pissed in this morning. WTH was that all about?


March 31st, 2010
10:58 am

Enter your comments here


March 31st, 2010
11:01 am

Ah heck, I missed it!

Keeping in mind that we’re in prime Spring Break time, we’ll just pretend not to notice.


March 31st, 2010
11:05 am

Michael Slezak’s opening paragraph of last night’s review:

American Idol is kind of like an axe murderer in a horror-movie franchise. Just when you think it’s good and dead, and you’re ready to walk away from it and start your life anew, it lurches into the upright position, clutches you by the ankle, and drags you back to your inevitable fate — sitting on the couch every Tuesday and Wednesday night from now through the end of May.


March 31st, 2010
11:07 am

Here’s the link to the rest of the review for those who are interested:,,20312226_20355931,00.html


March 31st, 2010
11:19 am

Thanks for reporting the offensive comment, Rickster. Signs of a small mind include name calling.

Nana, I don’t even have any grandkids yet and I can’t even imagine the joy of reconnecting with a great-grand. So happy that happened for you.

Family history is a treasure.


March 31st, 2010
11:22 am

“So while she may have picked a song she could sing forward and backward in her sleep, don’r even try to say she was not out of her comfort zone”

Sorry Mike, I can’t understand where your coming from. That statement seems contradicting. She did play piano, but I bet it hasn’t been years since the last time she played. Not sure where you got that info. She did wear high heels. That’s really important in a singing competetion…

Look, she was great. One of, if not the best, performances of the night. But her double standard treatment is annoying me. I guess that is one of the perks if your good week in week out.


March 31st, 2010
11:24 am

Deirdre: perfect quote from Michael Slezak. That is what happened to me.

It’s good to remember the “Report this comment” feature and don’t assume that someone else will do it. Also, if it offends you report it even if someone else already did. :twisted:


March 31st, 2010
11:27 am

RxDawg…the “Years since she played” came from the show. They talked about how she needed to practice the piano a lot since it’s been years since she played. You must’ve zoned out on that one.

I think that was the MAIN thing I noticed about her being out of her comfort zone. She was being real careful with that piano.


March 31st, 2010
11:28 am

somebody needs to email me about the reported comment. I missed it and I’m nosy!


March 31st, 2010
11:31 am

RxDawg “But her double standard treatment is annoying me”

I have to disagree with you. When Crystal consistently makes every song she sings her own she is told to step outside her comfort zone. Everyone else is told to make the songs their own. What?

It seems to be standard this season for the judges to be two faced. Katie needs to sing young songs, what about old man Andrew? Tim needs to stop smiling, but Casey couldn’t wipe that stupid grin off his face even when he was singing. Make a song your own, but look at how we beat up those who do just that.


March 31st, 2010
11:35 am

“You must’ve zoned out on that one.”

Ha, wouldn’t be the first time.


March 31st, 2010
11:44 am

Hey y’all,

NANA! I’m glad you got time with family. Thanks for giving us an update on the blog babies. Will continue to think good thoughts and blessings for Robin.

Last night: Lee was really good. Crystal was different and enjoyable, but I think she was too distracted with the piano playing. Though, she did look great. Didi…*sigh* I like Didi, really, I do. So last night pained me. Though I don’t think she was as bad as everyone else seems to think. I hope she doesn’t go home tonight, but we shall see.

Who I wouldn’t mind going home: Turban, Kim Jong Il, Pageant Princess. Perhaps Boyband Kelly. Seriously, HE got the pimp spot? 8O


March 31st, 2010
11:45 am

I know I go somewhere when Tim is singing. I think it’s a self-preservation reaction. ;-)

Jenna M.

March 31st, 2010
11:52 am

I agree about Crystal being pimped. She has never performed a tender song but looks for the easy songs she can belt. Midnight Train is not difficult to sing because the notes are easy. I was in a “glee” type club in high school where we would travel and compete. So I know what I’m talking about. We had a black girl that could sing the pants off this bohemian wannabe. I didn’t get to see Crystal’s performance last night but I’m sure it’s not NEARLY as wonderful as Mike $ says it was because I’ve yet to be impressed by her. But I do believe he is her biggest fan.


March 31st, 2010
11:59 am

Yes! Another comment removed after I reported it! :-D


March 31st, 2010
12:03 pm

YES! Finally someone that can relate to what I’m talking about. Jenna you feel what I feel. Except that I do think Crystal is a fantastic singer. She just has picked songs on a begginer to intermediate difficulty level. Which is probably smart at this point in the competetion. The question is, will she ever really step it up toward the end? This could be Danny Gokey part duece.


March 31st, 2010
12:15 pm

Lee, Casey, and Crystal dominated the top ten last night, proving they all deserve to stick around for the rest of the season. The others? Well, results were mixed. Katie, Andrew, and Tim once again scraped along the bottom – even though the judges liked Andrew (shockingly). The biggest surprise of the night? Didi and Siobhan’s underwhelming performances. Could one of them be going home tonight?


March 31st, 2010
12:15 pm

I actually believe that Crystal will have a lot of difficulty winning the competition. She’s not mainstream. She’s not gorgeous. She’s not Miss Personality. She’s not really Idol material. She’s definitely the best singer but she’s probably not going to win.


March 31st, 2010
12:25 pm

I read this on CNN’s Marquee blog:

“Alex Lambert may not have made it to the Top 12 on “American Idol,” but he’s not done with the reality bandwagon just yet. The 19-year-old has landed a spot on the web series “If I Can Dream,” PEOPLE reported. The show follows the lives of a group of aspiring musicians and actors living in a house in the Hollywood Hills. The series, which appears on, is the project of “Idol” creator Simon Fuller.”

Re: Crystal last night. She did better than I thought she would but that Falsetto note was worse than any screeching Siobhan has done. It really hurt my ears. She’s definitely a lower register singer.


March 31st, 2010
12:40 pm

Suddenly a change for me – Siobhan is going downhill FAST! Such a beautiful voice, totally wasted the past 2 weeks. One more and she’s outta my top 10.

Crystal by a mile. Love her, love her song choices, and agree with Simon – nothing needs to be changed.

Lee – every time he starts a song, I think “uh oh, this is really nasally and blah, then about 20 secs in, he changes it up and gets really good.

Casey – really like him – gets better every week.

Still do not like Didi at all (hate quavery voices), Andrew still not good for me, and I cannot for the life of me get Mike – just a weak, femaley, wavery voice.

Do really like Katie’s voice – with some seasoning (think Beatles-Hamburg) she’ll be great.

The rest just blah blah blah for me.


March 31st, 2010
12:49 pm

DiDi I knew you would have problems. Pack your bags honey your going home that was awful..such a pretty song but Not for you. Maybe you should have picked a much softer song. Like Poetry Man or Fast Car or some soft soul song..that does not require a strong vocal. In the words of Paula Abdul.but you looked beautiful. better play that bass! That was the highlight for me..Mike is still Mike. but I like the softer side more humble attitude. And he didnt flex his muscles or try to pick anyone up.
Ryan probably got jealous and talk to him about it. He dosent want Mike picking anyone up unless its Him! heh heh..Ryan you sly dog you. Still waiting on you to make the announcement. Talk to Ricky Martin and Clay Akien they will tell you exactly how to do it.
The screamer, Siobhan..the screams only made it worst. and how many voices was she using? I believe she screamed her way into the bottom three. Oh well, boring. Looking forward to Usher how really has grown up and mature. I am very proud of him now. Very well spoken and good guidence and tips..You go Raymond!


March 31st, 2010
12:50 pm

I thought there were several good performances. Here is my order
1. Lee-interesting version and sounded great
2. Crystal-trying too hard to impress judges but sounded great
3. Mike-when he doesn’t oversing he is really good
4. Andrew-unique/cool vibe…pretty good singing
5. Casey-can see in any bar
6. Aaron-kid can sing but not connecting with song
7. Siobhan-impressed in last minute but rest was boring
8. Katie-karaoke but good
9. Tim-Cheese
10. Didi-off key/choked under the pressure


March 31st, 2010
12:51 pm


1. Lee
2. Crystal
3. Casey
4. Katie
5. Andrew
6. Aaron
7. Tim
7. Mike
9. Siobohan

Why can some grin like a fool and be praised, and others dissed for the same?
Why can some have boring dull perfomance and be praised and others dissed for the same?
Why is being off-key ok for some and for others they get blasted?

Why is Tim still there?
because there is always someone worse than he,
and Tuesday I found or two or three

‘…with low expectations comes high acheivement potential…’


March 31st, 2010
1:01 pm

Nana, you were practically in my backyard last night!!

This week I’ve gotta go with Crystal and Lee.

I had a exciting night, last night! The screaming bangees returned in full force (coyote) One was right outside my back door! I can live without an all night long coyote concert!


March 31st, 2010
1:05 pm

Hoo boy. This American Idol fan enjoyed last night. Performances were generally better and Usher did the job of mentor well.

My faves would have to be Casey, Lee and Katie. I thought they all did well. So, one will probably leave tonight! (hope not).

Still can’t get on the Crystal bandwagon. Guess I’m just strange that way.

Poor Didi. What a babe, but probably going home soon. Bummer.

And whenever Idol ends (many years from now I hope!), I am going to enroll in Emoticon University! That’s the ticket…


March 31st, 2010
1:28 pm

Was anyone else bothered by Crystal’s comment “…say hello to Gladys …for ‘me’…?
…really???? Her long time pal???


March 31st, 2010
1:33 pm

@ Raxor: That’s because she thinks she’s a star already. Kara busted Tim last week for touching girls hands and said he wasn’t good enough to do that yet and now BowerSux is telling the judges to give props to people who really ARE stars. As if she is one herself. one good ole pal to another.

Cystal BowerSux! Hah!


March 31st, 2010
1:37 pm

I don’t know what you guys are hearing on Didi. Her voice is what you actually could recognize on the radio. I think people hate her solely for being a young emotional blond, when in fact she’s not “hot” enough to just get handed a record deal. She’s worked hard to get where she is and to stand out from a sea of similar singers, whereas people like Ke$ha get a deal for no discernable reason.


March 31st, 2010
1:38 pm

raxor – nearly everything about crystal bothers me. Plus, I think she was flat out lying to say she hasn’t “played the piano” in years. Maybe not as a performance, but no way she hasn’t practiced that and then just decides to break it out on national tv.


March 31st, 2010
1:48 pm

ugaaccountant, you’d be surprised what real musicians can do. Her version of not playing and yours may be two totally different things.


March 31st, 2010
1:49 pm

Do you guys really hate Crystal so much that you will take her comment regarding Gladys completely out of context? Randy name dropped, and Crystal followed that up by showing a little personality (for once).

I’m starting to be a fan of Crystal, not because I like her style of music, but because the haters are just becoming so irrational.


March 31st, 2010
1:55 pm

Over the years we’ve had contestants like Danny Gokey, David Archuleta, Melinda Dolittle who week after week delivered consistently good to great performances. And then we’ve had David Cook and his rendition of “Billie Jean”, Kris Allen’s “She Works Hard for the Money”, perfomances that establish the artist as a contender. I truly think we saw that last night with Lee Dewyze. God help the competition if he gets a hitch in his giddyup and realizes with a bit of self confidence that he could be in it to the bitter end.


March 31st, 2010
1:57 pm

Now that’s a strange reason to suddenly become a fan of someone but to each his own I guess. We’re not irrational but it’s just that everyone is so bad this season that a mediocre performer like BowerSux suddenly will land a million dollar contract at the end of the season. There are way more deserving people across this country who are better and should have been on the show rather than BowerSux. I just don’t like her conceitedness that she thinks she’s better than she is – not.


March 31st, 2010
1:59 pm

Agree with JT. Seriously? Crystal throws Randy a comment about saying hello to Gladys and y’all see that as her thinking she’s a star?????????? Grasping at straws people!

cruisin rob

March 31st, 2010
2:03 pm

Where’s the hot babes this year????? Siobon is the only female who puts out a vibe I would actually buy. And the ugly hippy girl????? Sounds like some of the stuff the cannibas groupies from the 60’s would party to.


March 31st, 2010
2:04 pm

Leslie…Bowersox is the best singer this season. Doesn’t mean she’ll win…she probably won’t… but it means that anti-Sox people are coming out of the woodwork…which is something JT really enjoys.

Just because the judges are lavishing praise on her doesn’t mean they’re wrong. She’s the most accomplished performer up there. Not your thing is understandable. Dissing her in order to push for your favorite is even kind of understandable. Bad-mouthing her because she’s the judges’ favorite is kinda childish. It isn’t HER fault that the judges like her. She’s NOT paying them to like her. They just do.


March 31st, 2010
2:06 pm

Somone made a comment about the double treatment standards and that’s why I bring up the say hello to Gladys comment for me. Tim got slammed for pretending to be a star but no one called BowerSux for doing the same thing. Tim was just having fun and showing personality last week too so why does BowerSux get a free pass for doing the same thing. This show has gone down hill fast with the fakeness and the pimping. BowerSux could take a poop on stage and they would still congratulate her on her originality.