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“Idol” tour starting Sunday, Gene Simmons thinks Adam Lambert’s career is kaput

Gene Simmons thinks Adam Lambert has killed his career by coming out. Do you agree?

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I was covering the new reality show being shot in Kennesaw called “There Goes the Neighborhood” with Matt Rogers as host. I’ll post the video interview I did with him tomorrow. That’s why I’m late on this:

The “Idols Live” tour preview has been covered more extensively than I can ever remember, with a press tour, Twittering galore from the contestants and plenty of leaks of what songs will be sung. We in Atlanta will see the show in just a month (and yes, I’ll be there for an eighth time.)

According to Rolling Stone, Anoop Desai will do “My Prerogative” again. Kris Allen will do “Heartless” and have no choice but suffer through “No Boundaries.” Adam Lambert will do a medley of David Bowie songs and a tune by Muse. Megan Joy will tackle an Amy Winehouse tune (”Tears Dry On Their Own”) Matt Giraud will please our crowd by singing “Georgia on My Mind.”

-David Cook did “Billie Jean’ in tribute to MJ in Aspen Saturday.

-Kiss lead singer Gene Simmons thinks Adam Lambert revealing his sexual orientaiton will kills his career. I doubt it. This might make a good poll question.

I don’t think I’ve been talking smack at all. In fact, if anything, I’ve been soft-peddling. He’s enormously talented, best talent ‘American Idol’ has had, but I think he killed his career because now the conversation is not about his talent but about his sexual preference. He’s done. You’re forcing people to deal with issues they may not be interested in. Life is unfair, and the masses don’t all live in L.A. They live in Wisconsin and Nebraska, and you’re on crack if you think the same rules apply there. My advice is still the same, shut the f*** up, just sing and let people say whatever they want. But I do wish him the best because he’s got all the talent in the world. If only the world was not homophobic, but it is. I would be the first one to vote for equal rights for gay women and men, and get the church and the state to stop telling everybody how to lead their lives, but do I think he’s killed his career? Oh, in an instant. I hope I’m completely wrong. I hope he becomes the next Beatles and proves me wrong.

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June 29th, 2009
2:14 pm

Just me, but in “the day” there was not a more outrageous act in the country, gay or straight, and they did not have trouble luring concert-goers or record buyers. And, Bowie, in his day, was all about the “bi” thing, and he sold records and had sold-out concerts. Simmons, you need to get out of your rocking chair, boy!


June 29th, 2009
2:14 pm

I am speaking of Kiss here. Sorry.


June 29th, 2009
2:42 pm

Gene thinks he knows everything….too bad he can’t get Paul to come out of the closet….LOL
I think Adam will do just fine….

linny ,,,=^..^=,,,

June 29th, 2009
2:46 pm

H, that was my thought too. Could there have BEEN anybody more controversial, musical-act-wise, that KISS or AC/DC — Adam has the advantage of having been shown to millions upon millions of people as a genuinely NICE guy, a talented performer — incluidng singing, stage presence, choreography/staging, and apparently has some talent as an actor in his past. Simmons is just jealous HE wasn’t received as warmly by a huge cross-over audience!!!


June 29th, 2009
3:09 pm

I think Gene is more right than wrong. The simple act of wacking out a Johnny Cash hit cost Adam enough votes to loose him a competition that he had won hands down. I live in Georgia and you better believe that rednecks still exist (in numbers that would astound you!) and they do pay attention to who says and does what. Adam still has enough talent to have a great music career but he will not be the next greatest thing…he will be the next greatest thing. Things haven’t changed all that much

Mercedes S.

June 29th, 2009
3:14 pm

Nobody paid any attention to Gene Simmons when Adam Lambert performed with KISS, and I think Gene’s feelings were hurt, hence the lashing out.


June 29th, 2009
3:40 pm

I think it is just the opposite. Now people can concentrate on his talent rather than his sexual preference.


June 29th, 2009
3:45 pm

Gene Simmons is washed up and trying to grab onto Adam’s coat tails here.


June 29th, 2009
3:46 pm

Mercedes, I think that has a lot to do with it. They didn’t give Kiss much attention at all. Simmons has come off looking like a fuddy-duddy, which, I am sure, he never in his wildest dreams ever expected.


June 29th, 2009
4:03 pm

I agree with Mercedes. I think Mr Simmons is experiencing a little sour grapes over his Idol appearance having more to do with Adam and Chris than with Gene.

Phillip, most of us on this blog live in Georgia and times, they are a changing. There will always be rednecks, there will always be racists, there will always be the intolerant of “whatever”…but THEY are the ones looked down on now! BTW, I am a huge Adam fan and I thought Ring of Fire was his worst performance. It jarred the original rather than enlightened it.

linny ,,,=^..^=,,,

June 29th, 2009
4:25 pm

D, as usual, you said it eloquently, please allow me to “ride YOUR coattails” on the comment!

catcha later!


June 29th, 2009
4:51 pm

I have had a busy past few days, and I welcome the approaching five o’clock hour! Talk to everyone tomorrow.


June 29th, 2009
6:08 pm

You know, I really don’t think Adam (or anyone else) should put much stock in what Gene Simmons has to say. I never really thought much of his music, so I don’t think much of his opinion. Times have changed alot over the past 30+ years. I don’t feel like Adam had much of a choice in addressing the issue of his sexuality, although I don’t think many of his fans were surprised. And, for the record Gene, I’m a 50-year old, college-degreed, married for 25 years, mother of three who was born and raised in THE BIBLE BELT – I became a fan of Adam’s from the first moment I saw him and knew from the get-go that I was rooting for a homosexual who happened to be the most talented, charismatic performer I had witnessed in a long time. I don’t know what Gene’s motivation is for voicing his opinion – maybe he’s hoping to speak his feelings into existence. I feel confident that Gene is wrong. Best of luck to you, Adam. And by the way, Adam’s sweet, positive personality is an added bonus to his amazing talent!


June 29th, 2009
9:54 pm

Gene’s right, Adam will will fizzle. Besides, It’s not news that he’s gay, has anyone noticed how much makeup he wears. And how many Dudes are that soft and have creases on their neck at his age, he’s not gay, he’s part woman and he’s retaining water. He’s puffy. Gene is all knowing.


June 29th, 2009
11:49 pm

Those of you who say Gene Simmons is or was jealous of Adam are smoking something that’s not doing you any good at all. Read thew quote again! His remarks were not a slam on Adam, but a commentary on middle America.

Kiss is a proven rock band that still draws fanatics to concerts and has gold and platinum records to back it up. What has Adam done for Gene Simmons to be jealous of???

Oh, and Simmons also has made more money than Adam can dream of making simply because he owns the licensing rights to the Kiss songs and all the products. Adam can’t even keep his previous (and by his reaction, inferior) material from being released or make any money from it.

I’m not a Kiss fanatic. I just admire what Simmons has accomplished, so I’m trying to keep it real here!

And since this IS the week of July 4th, …let the fireworks begin! :-)


June 29th, 2009
11:51 pm

Make that “read THE quote”, not “thew”. But thou didst already knowest that!

A Glambert

June 30th, 2009
9:05 am

Gene Simmons can’t take that ADAM is so hot, that he outshone Kiss.
Gene is an old has been. Who cares if Adam is gay or not – nobody with a brain at least


June 30th, 2009
9:38 am

Highlander, I slightly disagree with you. Gene Simmons’ statement is a reflection on how Hollywood perceives Middle America and Hollywood’s immature attitude on gay issues, which Hollywood loves to coat in a holier-than-thou superiority, ala Dana Carvey’s Church Lady.

Kris Allen came out of Middle America. He’s a church-going youngster from Arkansas, for cryin’ out loud. Over the past few weeks, though, he has shown how most people in his generation react to gay issues. He said how flattered he was that Adam had a crush on him, but secure in his own sexuality, it didn’t faze him. The two are obviously good friends. The gay issue seems a non-issue.

Compare that to the Sam Nunn’s of the world who think if two men are in close quarters, and one is gay, the other is in trouble. (Adam and Kris were roommates during idol.) Compare that to the Gene Simmons of the world who cannot focus on anything but “gay” once they know someone’s orientation.

Middle American is past the gay issue, especially younger Middle America. It’s just Hollywood, Washington and old people that haven’t caught up yet.


June 30th, 2009
9:48 am

Phillip – how do you know that the Johnny Cash song cost Adam votes? Do you know the vote totals? Please, spare us made up “facts” and baseless accusations.

The bottom line is both Adam and Kris had fervent fan bases. While you might have liked Adam’s style, showmaship, and singing ability, that in no way means everyone prefered that over Kris’ musical ability, arrangements and intimate style. The assumption that Kris was behind in votes until the last week cannot be supported. The little evidence available – one week they were both in the bottom three – showed that in the particular week, Kris got more votes than Adam, as Adam was B2 while Kris was B3.

Get over it. Adam didn’t lose. Kris didn’t beat him. Both have emerged as stars with career potential ahead of them. And more importantly, both Adam and Kris have proven to be genuinely good human beings in the way they’ve handled everything over the past several weeks. Kris may have received more votes in the last week, but nothing real was at stake. Both got the spoils of victory – recording contract, concert tour, publicity and the good will of the American public.


June 30th, 2009
9:55 am

One more thing, as long as I’m on a rant’n'roll…

It’s interesting to me how many Adam fans are not Clay fans. I know several people who think Adam lost because he is gay but wouldn’t have voted for Clay because he is so MOR/AC in his singing and performing style.

On one hand, those people aren’t Clay fans for reasons that have nothing to do with Clay’s sexuality, but find it incomprehesible that someone might not like Adam’s style and blame anti-gay sentiment as the only reason for not burning your phone’s keypad sending in votes for Adam.

What’s the word for that? Hypo….crite???

Heather MacDonald

June 30th, 2009
3:59 pm

I agree with Highlander that the commentary from Gene Simmons was more a reaction to middle America. And, contrary to what WatchingIdol thinks, there is still a large backlash against homosexuals in America’s heartland. The fact that Kris Allen says he was flattered may be no more than something the kid was told by a publicity flack to say.

Personally, I would like to think that everyone will be okay with homosexuality very soon and that gay marriages are allowed everywhere. Love is love, no matter the sex of the two people involved.

As for Gene Simmons, he is without a doubt a savvy businessman who speaks his mind. If he offends a few, I really don’t think he cares.


July 2nd, 2009
9:45 am

I am a 62 year old female and I was brought up in the South with all its prejudices!
Why would any human being even care or think about his predispositions when they are listening to one of the greatest talents they have ever experienced in their life!


July 9th, 2009
11:25 am

You people are dumb if you think that kid has what it takes to be a star….you people dont know music if it slapped you…or all you do is listen to Star 94 crap all day long…gay or not gay that dude isn’t going to do jack squat.


July 10th, 2009
1:42 pm


August 1st, 2009
12:35 pm

maybe maybe not gene, i went to their tour concert lastnight in duluth georgia and oh my god, most of the people there were to see adam, kris, and danny.
they put adam in the lielight at the very end with all the bright lights and all, it was amazing!!