Els happier with his finish than his start

AUGUSTA — After shooting a 4-under par 68 on Sunday, Ernie Els joked that he thinks he’ll return to the Masters.

“I needed something to bring me back and that may bring me back next year,” Els said.

He wasn’t so sure after going 3-over on Saturday, a day when he said he wasn’t in the mood to play.

Already a two-time winner on the PGA Tour this year, Els was the pick to win by many. And he’s made no secret of adding a Masters trophy to his two U.S. Open’s and British Open.

But after a solid 3-under start on Thursday he  double-bogeyed No. 18 and it cracked his confidence.

He came back and got his score to 4-under on Friday but doubled No. 15 and it wiped him out mentally.

Overall, he played the last six holes a combined 6-over par in the first three rounds.

But on Sunday, he finished better and stuck with his game plan. Even though he missed three short putts on the back nine, he said he was much more satisfied with his performance.

“That’s the way I need to play,” Els said. “I wasn’t in the mood to ever play this course again after yesterday but I got  a little better look at it today.”

I need something to bring me back and I think that might bring me back next year.

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