NFL Hall of Famer Lynn Swann catches on at Augusta National

By Steve Hummer/

Augusta — The Augusta National Golf Club’s membership roster is not exactly public record, so each Masters is an opportunity to try to spot some new people in green coats.

There was some real star power on display this year – NFL Hall of Fame receiver Lynn Swann has been walking the grounds in his members’ only jacket. After retiring from the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1982, Swann got into sports broadcasting, sat on the boards of multiple corporations and in 2006 was an unsuccessful Republican candidate for governor in Pennsylvania.

Should Augusta National ever want to start up a little inter-country-club flag football league – it absolutely will be among the favorites. Along with Swann, former USC and L.A. Rams Rhodes Scholar quarterback Pat Haden reportedly has gained green jacket status.

Former all-SEC defensive end Billy Payne can anchor the line.

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