Teeing off: Tuesday, April 6

Well, this is just one opinion, but the press conference yesterday felt like a cleansing. As in, let’s get to the golf. Let’s see what the others have to say. Others=world.

>> If this was an act, then Tiger deserves an Oscar. AP.

>> After Woods’ mea culpa, it’s time for us all to back off. AJC’s Jeff Schultz.

>> Couples therapy (as in Freddy Couples) seemed to be working Monday. AJC.

>> Can new Tiger be as successful as the old Tiger? NJ.com.

>> Silence yields to ovation at Augusta. NY Times.

Re: Tiger’s press conference. There was some reaction from the former porn star contingent. Huffington Post: Joslyn James says she wants to talk to Woods’ wife. NY Daily News.

PHOTOS: Tiger at Augusta | The scene at Augusta.

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