Teeing off: ‘I’ll play with Tiger’

There’s been some interesting talk about the pairings for the Masters, especially on the first day. Mainly, who gets to play with Tiger Woods on Day 1, when galleries are expected to be even larger than normal Woodsian major galleries. Which are not normal.

Here’s an excerpt from a good NY Times article:

On Wednesday, Augusta National officials would not reveal how they would go about choosing Woods’s playing partners other than to say the selection would be made by the club’s competition committee. The club’s elders have always tried to make contestants comfortable and have scrupulously avoided attention-grabbing gestures.

So do not expect Phil Mickelson in Woods’s group. At the same time, will it be fair to put the less-experienced or the less-seasoned players in a setting of unparalleled distractions?

Who should be paired with Tiger Woods on the first day? (Choose two)

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It also said that the Masters won’t make the decision until Tuesday, two days before the April 8-11 Augusta tournament gets underway.

Meanwhile, Kenny Perry said today in a Mirror.uk.news story that he’d be willing to pair up with Woods, citing the fact he’s a veteran and can handle it.

Said Perry: “It would be a tough pairing to tell you the truth. I’m old enough to maybe handle that, I don’t know, maybe you need some hillbilly like me to do that.”

Meanwhile, take a look at 2010 Masters invitees here to see who you might choose, or vote in our poll.


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